Solo Exhibitions

Jordi Alcaraz

Jordi Alcaraz — defying boundaries

Jordi Alcaraz, the celebrated contemporary Catalan artist from Spain, is the subject of a provocative exhibition at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, in Los Angeles, titled “Jordi Alcaraz – Defying Boundaries”. Jack Rutberg narrates the film, offering insights and reflections on this poignant and critically praised exhibition.

Jordi Alcaraz: Altered States

A compelling exhibition by the Spanish contemporary artist presented by Jack Rutberg in Los Angeles. This museum-scale exhibition of works that transcend painting, sculpture, and drawing as Alcaraz blends all media, employing assemblage-like manner and installation. Conceptually, Alcaraz extends notions of perspective beyond the realms of the physically-seen in unpredictable ways. His prior solo exhibition at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in 2010 was cited by critics as one of Southern California’s 10 best exhibitions of that year.

Hannelore Baron

Hannelore Baron: Collage & Assemblage

Filmed on the occasion of the 2015-16 Hannelore Baron exhibition at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts. Hannelore Baron was first introduced to Los Angeles and West Coast audiences by Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in 1984. This present exhibition marks the gallery’s fifth solo presentation of the artist’s works, which it last exhibited in 1989, concurrent with the memorial tribute exhibition presented by the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Hans Burkhardt

Hans Burkhardt in Mexico

Filmed on the occasion of the exhibition, Hans Burkhardt in Mexico, featuring major paintings from 1950-1960. Jack Rutberg keys upon this important aspect of Burkhardt’s expansive body of work.

As a participating gallery in the Getty’s region-wide endeavor, Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, Jack Rutberg Fine Arts presents Hans Burkhardt in Mexico. This exhibition features major works painted in Mexico by the Los Angeles artist, Hans Burkhardt, over a span of more than 10 years.

Hans Burkhardt: Within & Beyond the Mainstream

Hans Burkhardt’s (1904–1994) expansive career and influence in L.A. are the focus of a survey exhibition of paintings and drawings entitled Hans Burkhardt: Within & Beyond the Mainstream. The exhibition, is part of the Getty’s initiative Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945 — 1980. The Burkhardt exhibition is through December 24 at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles. Hans Burkhardt: Within & Beyond the Mainstream is part of Pacific Standard Time: Art in LA 1945-1980. This unprecedented collaboration, initiated by the Getty, brings together more than sixty cultural institutions and selected private galleries from across Southern California for six months beginning October 2011 to tell the story of the birth of the L.A. art scene. Hans Burkhardt’s career was the most expansive in L.A.’s history, spanning more than six decades, influencing generations of artists.

Creative Current Remembers Hans Burkhardt

Hans Burkhardt (December 20, 1904 — April 22, 1994) moved to Los Angeles from New York in 1937 and worked here until his death in 1994. During hs long career, he produced some of the greatest abstract expressionist paintings of his time. His work deals with contrasting themes like beauty and death or hope and despair.

Gallery owner Jack Rutberg is is an expert on Burkhardt’s life and his art. He gives us an overview amongst several Burkhardt paintings at his gallery in Los Angeles.

George Condo

People, Faces & Comments at the George Condo Exhibition Opening

This rare view of Condo’s works in Los Angeles reveals an intimate – and for many – a surprising aspect of Condo’s work, displaying a more distilled aesthetic, rooted through great draftsmanship and line. Condo is typically known for bold paintings so brash as to be referred to as Gonzo Artificial Realism. “Artificial Realism” is the term the artist uses to describe his works, which by turns are meditative, wry, irreverent and fantastical, reflecting Condo’s now-iconic surrealistic mash-up of old and modern masters.

Claire Falkenstein

A tour of the 2012 Falkenstein Exhibition

Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles presents the exhibition, “Claire Falkenstein: An Expansive Universe” to celebrate the first major publication detailing the artist’s entire career: “Claire Falkenstein,” with essays by art historians Susan M. Anderson and Maren Henderson, art writer and curator Michael Duncan, and an introduction by Philip Linhares, President of the Falkenstein Foundation and former Chief Curator of Art at the Oakland Museum of California.

Sam Francis

Sam Francis – Distilled

Filmed on the occasion of the exhibition, “Sam Francis – Distilled” at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Pasadena, California. While best known for his brightly colored works, this revelatory exhibition and brief video uniquely address what might be considered as the purest aspects of Francis’ vision – his monochromatic works.

Patrick Graham

Patrick Graham: 30 Years – The Silence Becomes the Painting

Filmed on the occasion of the major Patrick Graham exhibition presented at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles, this touring museum survey exhibition offers a rare view of one of Ireland’s most influential contemporary artists. While deeply rooted in the Irish experience and recognized by his country as a “living national treasure” (member of Aosdana), Patrick Graham’s works transcend cultural and national boundaries in extraordinary ways. His exhibitions in Los Angeles, the rest of the country and beyond, have had a formidable impact upon so many artists, collectors, and critics.

3 Part Talk by Critic Kenneth Baker — part 1
3 Part Talk by Critic Kenneth Baker — part 2
3 Part Talk by Critic Kenneth Baker — part 3

Meridian is pleased to partner with Crossroads to explore and celebrate this exhibit through a series of events at the gallery. Kenneth Baker, art critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, is our first guest in this series. Mr. Baker will lead an exploratory presentation about Patrick Graham’s art work, placing the artist both in a cultural and artistic context. A native of the Boston area, Mr. Baker has served as art critic for the Boston Phoenix and has contributed to numerous publications, including Artforum, Art in America and the New York Times Book Review. Mr. Baker has also authored Minimalism: Art of Circumstance (Abbeville Press, 1989/1997).

Rico Lebrun

Rico Lebrun in Mexico

Filmed at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles on the occasion of the exhibition, “Rico Lebrun in Mexico”. Major paintings and drawings from the 1950s are discussed by Jack Rutberg, keying upon Lebrun’s important role as one of the significant forces in the art world in his lifetime.

George Nama

LIBERATOR: George Nama & George A. Romero

“LIBERATOR”, an exhibition of George Nama’s etchings, gouaches and collages, draws its title from one of George A. Romero’s final works – a short story written specifically for his friend, artist George Nama. The centerpiece of the exhibition of more than 40 works by George Nama revolves around Romero’s poignant story inspired by the Golem – an ancient folkloric legend – and George Nama’s related works of art. Their collaboration has resulted in a newly published limited edition, “LIBERATOR”, which includes Nama’s hand-colored etchings and Romero’s evocative short story, published for the first time in a rare limited edition of 35 numbered portfolios, signed by both artists. The exhibition is also accompanied by a 38-page fully illustrated exhibition catalogue, with brief writings by George Nama and Christine Forrest Romero.

Bruce Richards

Bruce Richards: Future/Past

This film was produced on the occasion of the major exhibition, “Bruce Richards: Future/Past,” presented at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles. The exhibition, scheduled from September 20 through November 29, 2014 (extended through December 24, 2014), represents the most expansive presentation of the artist’s works to date, and includes select works that were included in his major survey exhibition at the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery some thirty years earlier.

Bruce Richards, now residing in New York, has long been associated with the Los Angeles contemporary art scene. His works can be both referential and ironic by contrasting art of the past and present, such as his play between a famous Magritte torso and Marina Abramovic’s infamous performance where she carved a pentagram onto her belly. In another example he juxtaposes the prehistoric depiction of woman, The Venus of Willendorf, with a work by Jeff Koons. Bruce Richard’s visual sleight-of-hand further informs the viewer through his use of titles. Puns and provocative word play provide witty clues to the artist’s frame of reference, sharing a certain sly kinship with another of L.A.’s Cool School icons, Ed Ruscha, counted among his many collectors.

Ruth Weisberg

Ruth Weisberg: Touchstones

Filmed on the occasion of the exhibition, “Ruth Weisberg: Touchstones”, Jack Rutberg shares key insights into one of Los Angeles’ most celebrated artists. This exhibition sets Weisberg apart as exampled by the touchstones of her career, as her paintings, drawings and masterful prints poignantly address histories through veils of memory that resonate with the present. Included in more than 60 museum collections and the subject of more than 80 solo exhibitions and 200 group exhibitions, Weisberg’s decades-long impact on artists is notable, as both artist and educator. A force in the advancement of women artists in the 1970s onward, she holds the distinction of being the first contemporary painter/printmaker to be afforded a solo exhibition at both the Huntington and the Norton Simon Museums.

Reflections Through Time

Celebrated Los Angeles contemporary artist Ruth Weisberg and Jack Rutberg guide the viewer through the exhibition “Ruth Weisberg: Reflections Through Time,” at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts. This exhibition reveals the artist’s reflections on personal history and of the convergence of art history and cultural experience.

“Reflections Through Time” reveals Weisberg’s decades-long interest in re-imagining the works of past masters such as Velazquez, Watteau, Blake, Titian, Veronese, Cagnacci, Corot, and Giacometti. In this exhibition, however, reflections of art history take on extraordinary, if not supernatural form in the painting titled, “Return” (2014) and its related drawings, as Weisberg recognized that the primary figure in a masterpiece painting in the Tel Aviv Museum, the self-portrait by Maurycy Gottlieb, entitled “Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur” (1878) is a virtual twin of Weisberg’s son, Alfred, better known as the celebrated contemporary musician, Daedelus, whose music serves as the background to this film.

The artist in her studio & opening night of her survey exhibition at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts.

This exhibition presents paintings and works on paper by one of Los Angeles’ most celebrated figurative artists. “Ruth Weisberg: Now & Then” presents works from more than three decades, and includes Weisberg’s most recent paintings and drawings, revealing a unique vision through which the viewer sees the convergence of art history, personal memory, and cultural experience.

Jerome Witkin

Jerome Witkin’s ‘Drawn to Paint’ Exhibition by Syracuse University

Drawn to Paint: The Art of Jerome Witkin opens September 8 at the SUArt Galleries!

Drawn to Paint: The Art of Jerome Witkin, a retrospective exhibition featuring 70 works of art examining a crucial aspect of the artist’s career. By displaying prepratory drawings beside their finished works for the first time, the exhibition invites the public to see the artist’s method as the compositions evolve to completion.

Drawn to Paint, which is divided between two venues, will be on view at the SUArt Galleries on the Syracuse University main campus and the XL Projects gallery in downtown Syracuse from September 8 until October 23, 2011.

Jerome Witkin & Joel-Peter Witkin

TWIN VISIONS: A major exhibition uniting the identical twins

An historic exhibition united two celebrated artists – identical twin brothers – Jerome Witkin & Joel-Peter Witkin on March 1, 2014 at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles.

Jerome Witkin and Joel-Peter Witkin are acknowledged as two of the greatest contemporary artists in their respective genres. Jerome Witkin is a painter cited by critics and curators as the finest narrative contemporary artist. Joel-Peter Witkin is equally regarded as a master of his genre – a groundbreaking photographer famous for masterfully conjuring his uniquely surreal images. These identical twin brothers, artistically estranged, have enjoyed remarkable success during their respective careers spanning more than fifty years, have never exhibited together. Until now.

Francisco Zúñiga

Francisco Zúñiga: Sculpture & Drawings

Filmed at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles on the occasion of the exhibition, “Francisco Zuniga: Sculpture & Drawings”. Major sculpture and drawings are discussed by Jack Rutberg, keying upon Zuniga’s important role as a major artist of the 20th century and Mexico’s preeminent sculptor.

Francisco Zúñiga: A Centennial Tribute

A formidable exhibition of sculpture, paintings and works on paper by this major 20th century Latin American artist. Through his now iconic works, Zúñiga celebrates the female form as a heroic elemental force. This exhibition follows museum tributes at the Ernst Barlach Stiftung, Germany and Mexico’s Museo Nacional de Arte.

Group Exhibitions

Art A to Z

Filmed on the occasion of the exhibition, “Art A to Z”, Jack Rutberg offers provocative insights as a gallerist and as a collector, guiding the viewer through this widely eclectic exhibition of contemporary and modern art. One of the longest established galleries on the west coast of America, the exhibition celebrates Jack Rutberg Fine Arts’ second year in its new Pasadena location, offering works from its collection, hinting at the breadth of its holdings, making it a valued source for established and new collectors and museums internationally.

A film by Eric Minh Swenson.

Artists of Mexico

Filmed on the occasion of the Artists of Mexico exhibition at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles, this exhibition of paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture explores the impact that Mexican artists had on Los Angeles art, and the impact that L.A. had on them.

Jack Rutberg guides us through this wide ranging exhibition with fascinating insights and historical context.

Letters From Los Angeles: Text in Southern California Art

Jack Rutberg discusses the expansive exhibition which includes works by more than thirty contemporary L.A.-based artists who incorporate elements of words and letters in their work.

The contemporary artists featured in this “Letters from Los Angeles” exhibition have used text in extraordinarily diverse ways: immortalizing L.A.’s signs, streets and gas stations, using comic book captions to convey dramatic angst, juxtaposing text with appropriated images, framing collages with wry observations and titles, employing the power of language to pose disquieting comments in conceptual works; surrealist re-configuring of old prints and clippings with snatches of verse and prose. The range of approaches is as individual as the artists themselves. The vast and diverse ways Southern California artists incorporate words, numerals and text into their compositions reflects an aesthetic that might be seen as a logical antecedent to the current spotlight on contemporary-graffiti and tattoo art.

Some Assembly Required: Assemblage & Collage

Jack Rutberg talks with Art Critic & Writer Shana Nays Dambrot on the Major Exhibition.

Art dealer and impresario Jack Rutberg operates one of the most respected fine art galleries in LA, consistently offering monographic surveys and inspired group shows that never fail to invigorate the discourse on the art of the last 100 years and of today. As a curator, Rutberg never ceases pursuing new insights, even into the stalwarts of contemporary art history, that broaden and deepen our understanding of the legacy of LA’s internationalist artistic heritage. Shana Nys Dambrot spoke with Rutberg about the overwhelmingly positive response to his current blockbuster, Some Assembly Required.


Over 100 Works from the 1930s to the Present

Filmed on the occasion of the Surrealism exhibition at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles, this exhibition of paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture from the 1930s to the present expands upon Surrealism — its early years through the present day, and how it informs much of contemporary art.

Jack Rutberg guides us through this wide ranging exhibition with fascinating insights and historical context.


A series of interviews with Jack Rutberg

Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine interviews art dealer Jack Rutberg
Dialogue: Jack Rutberg and Matt Gleason

Jack Rutberg of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts is one of the most knowledgeable and insightful collectors and gallery proprietors in L.A. He lunches with Matt Gleason of I-5 Gallery and Coagula Magazine. Matt has been deeply involved in the evolution of the contemporary arts scene in urban L.A. for more than two decades.

They are hosted by Barbara’s Resaurant at the Brewery Art Colony
620 Moulton Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90031
Recorded live on September 3, 2009


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