HANS BURKHARDT: Pastelle, Eine Retrospektive Von 1938-1983

by Peter Selz

$40.00 – Rare

A richly illustrated catalogue published for the 1993 Retrospective Exhibition of Hans Burkhardt pastels in Berlin, Germany. Charting Burkhardt’s career-long interest in this medium, eminent art historian Peter Selz reflects upon “… the richness of expression and symbolism …” in Burkhardt’s pastels of the human figure. Selz observes how Burkhardt’s pastels of the late 1930s with their “… powerful expressionist gestures predict the ferocity of De Kooning’s figurative work of the early 1950s … they recall the expressionism of the Brucke artists, but also share a great deal of the aesthetic of George Baselitz, Rainer Fetting, and Helmut Middendorf.” An excellent representative overview of Burkhardt’s remarkable range in his depiction of the figure “… celebrating it as monumental form with an amazing range of expression for human experience …” In English and German.

30 Pages, 22 Color Illustrations
Published by Galerie Hesselbach, Berlin 1993
ISBN: 1-800566-09-5

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