FRANCISCO ZÚÑIGA: Catalogue Raisonné – Volume II: Oil Paintings, Original Prints & Reproductions 1927-1986

by Ariel Zúñiga
$85.00 $45.00

This beautifully printed and definitive reference work in hardcover, with silk-lined slipcase, contains 375 illustrations. Essays by Ariel Zúñiga and by Andrew Vlady (master lithographer who often collaborated with Zúñiga). The book includes an appendix of additions and corrections to Catalogue Raisonné: Sculpture, Volume I. Also included is a section devoted to reproductions which are frequently mistaken for original prints and drawings. All text is in Spanish and English. Together with Volume I, this comprehensive volume represents an indispensable reference on the work of Francisco Zúñiga.

376 Pages, 359 Illustrations
Catalogue Raisonné
Published by Albedrio / Sinc, S.A. de C.V for the first edition, 2003
ISBN: 970-9027-08-5

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