Rutberg Speaks at Loveland Museum Exhibit NY-NY

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Published on March 04, 2023

The Avant-Garde From Mid-Century
FEBRUARY 25 – APRIL 23, 2023


New York School is a term applied to the group of artists based in New York just after World War II. Often referred to as Modernists, these artists embraced several different styles of art such as Color-Field painting and Abstract Expressionism. Populated by many European immigrants, the New York School came to be seen as a fusion of European and American aesthetics, firmly establishing New York as the center of the avant-garde, not only in visual art but in literature, poetry and music, with reverberations throughout the country to west coast artists such as Richard Diebenkorn, Claire Falkenstein, Hans Burkhardt and Wayne Thiebaud. Many works from this artistic period are considered to be among the highest ranked of the 20th Century.

Frankenthaler, Sol LeWitt, Nevelson, Stella. These are just a few of the influential mid-twentieth century modern masters that anchor the collection of Loveland artist, collector and entrepreneur Doug Erion. This exhibition explores the discerning eye of an avid collector and academician, and expands upon the oeuvre of each artist in the collection with complementary loans of paintings, sculpture and prints from museums, galleries and private collections.

Loveland Museum gratefully acknowledges the following lenders who have made this exhibition possible: Baller Art Collection, City of Loveland Art in Public Places,Erion Collection, Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Pasadena, California
Robert G. Lewis Collection

MARCH 16, 5 – 7 PM

Enjoy poetry inspired by the 1950s, wine/art pairings, music and a lecture by Jack Rutberg

Rutberg is owner and director of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Pasadena, CA. Representing a range of significant American and European artists, the gallery is an important resource for established and beginning collectors, art historians, and museums. Focused on Modern and contemporary art, Rutberg serves as dealer, curator, and consultant, and is a frequent visiting lecturer.