Past Exhibition

Ruth Weisberg: Selected Works

February 7 — May 30, 2009

The Rutberg Gallery exhibition “Ruth Weisberg – Selected Works” features paintings and works on paper spanning several decades that reveal Weisberg’s unique vision through which the viewer sees the convergence of art history, personal memory, and cultural experience. This impression of multi-layered moments in time is often enhanced to striking effect by Weisberg’s innovative use of fresco-like qualities in her paintings and works on paper. In her large-scale painting, “Time and Time Again,” for example, Weisberg has re-imagined Titian’s masterpiece, “Amor Sacro e Profano”; the landscape is the stage for two tango partners passionately engaged in their dance and each other – a mysterious collision of old and new worlds. Other works explore universal themes of childhood, maternity, spirituality, and personal memory as evocatively filtered through the lens of time.