Past Exhibition

Jerome Witkin: Revelations in Drawing

May 17 — August 30, 2008

Known for his large scale paintings, which critics have described as being among the great narrative paintings of our time, “Jerome Witkin: Revelations in Drawing,” will be dedicated to Witkin’s equally remarkable drawings, offering an expansive view of the artist’s work. Included will be large scale drawings with remarkable power and poignancy, such as “Vincent and Death,” a dramatic six-foot work where Witkin masterfully envisions Van Gogh – simultaneously defiant and resigned – in encountering death as it peers through a confessional-like window.

Witkin’s full range of subjects can be seen in this exhibition which includes revealing, intimate figure studies and portraits, and the palpable atmosphere in his urban landscapes; be they of gritty New York scenes or his recent drawings of Jerusalem. Witkin’s psychologically charged portraits, are exampled by Witkin’s prophetically empathetic 2004 portrait of the artist R.B. Kitaj, whose recent death shocked the art world. Kitaj cited Witkin as “the greatest figurative painter in America.”