Past Exhibition

George Nama – Inspired by Poetry

Sculptures, Etchings & Gouaches

March 4 — May 19, 2007

The works of New York artist George Nama features in an exhibition of sculptures, gouaches, and etchings inspired by the poetry of his friends and collaborators Yves Bonnefoy, Alfred Brendel, and Charles Simic. Their poetry, accompanied by Nama’s works, serves as the basis of a collaborative art exhibition at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, entitled “George Nama – Inspired by Poetry: Sculptures, Etchings and Gouaches,” which opens with a reception on Wednesday, March 14 at 7 PM, and extends through Saturday, May 19.

The exhibition focuses on the work of two portfolios: “Poems: Yves Bonnefoy, Alfred Brendel, Charles Simic,” with twelve original Nama etchings, and “Charles Simic: Wonders of the Invisible World and Other Poems,” with ten etchings by Nama. In addition toInspired by his friend’s poetry, George Nama has created a series of light-hearted, yet charged etchings and bronze sculpture that The New York Times writer Grace Glueck, in her rave review, finds reminiscent of the surrealist Max Ernst; while Art in America critic David Ebony labels the work “visual poetry.” Brendel’s poems in German, along with their English translations, book-end the ten Nama etchings along with sculptures and drawings in this exhibition, titled “Devils’ Pageant/Von Teufeln.” the etchings especially created for these poetry collections, the exhibition will include a number of related unique gouache drawings and bronze sculptures by Nama.