Patrick Graham

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Jack Rutberg Fine Arts is proud to represent Patrick Graham.

Patrick Graham (b. 1943 Dublin, Ireland) is currently the subject of a critically-acclaimed U.S. museum tour curated by art historian Peter Selz. Widely regarded as Ireland’s most important contemporary artist, Graham is credited by art historians with changing the face of Irish painting with his exquisite draftsmanship and expressive layering of images and words in mixed media works on paper and monumental canvases, and has been recognized by Ireland as a “Living National Treasure.” The subject of numerous museum exhibitions, he has impacted artists on both sides of the Atlantic, while art critics and historians sing his praises. Peter Selz has declared, “With the exception perhaps of Anselm Kiefer, Patrick Graham is the only twentieth century artist who can take his place among the great masters spanning the Renaissance to the present day.”