Jordi Alcaraz

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Jack Rutberg Fine Arts is proud to represent Jordi Alcaraz. Jordi Alcaraz (b. 1963 Barcelona, Spain) is a celebrated contemporary Spanish artist whose profoundly poetic works so impressed the critical audience in his recent U.S. debut that his major recent inaugural exhibition was cited as one of the ten best museum shows in Southern California. His work has been equally celebrated throughout Europe. Alcaraz’s art transcends the categories of paintings, sculptures and drawings as they blend all media, employing assemblage-like manner and installation. Conceptually, he extends notions of perspective utilizing various tools and materials like an alchemist. Through the use of bending, tearing and puncturing materials in unpredictable ways, Alcaraz creates realms as ambiguous as those of his Catalonian antecedents, such as Miró, Dali and Tàpies. The leading Spanish art critic Mariano Navarro describes Alcaraz’s works as “an extraordinary metaphor of the practice of art … that I dare define as philosophical … carriers of a singular poetry.”