The Films of Oskar Fischinger, Vol. II

VHS video
Out of print

This videocassette release offers the first opportunity for home viewing. A landmark in the history of film, this represents the first video release of the films of the legendary pioneer of abstract animated films. Featured are seven of Oskar Fischinger’s visionary works from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. With resounding influence on generations of film animators and artists, Fischinger’s films are at times meditative, poignant, humorous, and psychedelic.

Oskar Fischinger’s importance as the pioneering master of abstract animated films is as profound today as it was more than half a century ago in the 1930s. Fischinger’s influence impacted the fields of animated film, music and painting through his visionary imagery. The genius of his films and paintings was recognized by many of the great luminaries of the twentieth century in the worlds of art and film; among them Orson Welles, Wassily Kandinsky, Lyonel Feininger, Leopold Stokowski and John Cage. Fischinger’s films have been screened and have been the subject of symposiums in museums and film institutions throughout the world.

ISBN: 1-880566-13-3

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