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Francisco Zuniga
Francisco Zúñiga, "Madre con dos niños,"
1954, Bronze, Jack Rutberg Fine Arts #10586

Francisco Zuniga
Francisco Zúñiga, "Desnudos acostados,"
1967, Black and sepia conte on white paper,
Jack Rutberg Fine Arts #8921

Francisco Zuniga
Francisco Zúñiga, "Mujer de pie," 1970, Bronze
Jack Rutberg Fine Arts #10092

Francisco Zuniga
Francisco Zúñiga, "La Anunciacion," 1983
Crayon and pastel on ivory paper
Jack Rutberg Fine Arts #9475

Remembered for his ability to model the female form in sensitive drawings, paintings, and sculptures, Francisco Zúñiga is the subject of a tribute exhibition marking 100 years since his birth.

Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles, California, hosts "Francisco Zúñiga: A Centennial Tribute," displaying a broad selection of works by this important 20th-century artist. The exhibition opens June 1, with a preview reception that evening from 6-9 p.m.

"Francisco Zúñiga: A Centennial Tribute" at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts attempts an encyclopedic representation of the artist's oeuvre, displaying paintings, drawings, watercolors, graphic works, and sculptures from various points in Zúñiga's career. A recently rediscovered sculpture from 1932 and rarely seen early oil paintings from the artist's Costa Rican period contribute to a comprehensive portrayal of the his work.

Francisco Zúñiga (b. Costa Rica, 1912; d. 1998) rendered female subjects with an adeptness that has placed him among Mexico's most internationally collected artists. His works draw on both pre-Columbian and classical sources, picturing women with great significance. As mothers, children, religious figures, and sensual beings, Zúñiga's women consistently exude a certain heroic quality.

Zúñiga's nude drawings display remarkable modeling, juxtaposing softness of form and subtle light transitions with a hard linearity that defines the shape of the figures. The sculptures, despite their relatively modest size, have a solidity in form and confidence in pose that give them a monumental presence.

Francisco Zúñiga is represented in many of the most important American arts institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Hirshhorn Museum of Art and Sculpture Garden, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico, and the Latin American Museum of Art in Buenos Aires. Southern California institutions have been especially influential in the collecting of Zúñiga's art, examples of which may be found in the collections of the UCLA Sculpture Gardens, the University of Southern California, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, and the San Diego Museum of Art.

"Francisco Zúñiga: A Centennial Tribute" is the latest in a group of shows celebrating the centennial of the artist's birth. Previous installations were held at the Ernst Barlach Stiftung in Güstrow, Germany, and at the Museo Nacional de Arte in Mexico City. The exhibition will be on view through July 31 at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, located at 357 N. La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. For more information, visit

Jeffrey Carlson Reporting
Contributing Editor, Fine Art Today

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