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from the New York-based national publication
July 19, 2013
volume 13 issue 626

"Where to Buy"
A select exhibition in a private gallery

Francisco Zúñiga had a way with women. The son of a religious sculptor, the late Costa Rican-born artist (1912-98) was not yet 30 when he began producing heroic female figures that melded ancient and modernist influences. “Francisco Zúñiga: A Centennial Tribute” dips back into the period before Zúñiga settled in Mexico City in the 1930s to trace the evolution of his tributes to the female form. Whether depicted nude or draped in indigenous Latin American garb, each figure exudes sensuality while commanding reverence. Even the stern matriarch of 1970’s Standing Woman reads as a heartfelt ode to feminine poise and fertility. At Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, 357 La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 938-5222. Prices ranges from $16,000 to $180,000.